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F*@k You, Inspirational Photos!

I am sure everyone is tired of reading about New Year’s resolutions.


My Christmas Usual Suspects

I have a few thoughts I obsess over the day after Thanksgiving:

  1. I can’t believe I ate that much food in a 24 hour period. I really need to start eating better. Don’t eat pumpkin pie at 1am...I may have a problem.
  2. I really need to drink less. It is not ok that I consumed that many bottles of wine in a 24 hour period...I may have a problem.
  3. Screw it, I am going to get my shit together next year, it's the holidays!
  4. I have no clue what I am going to buy my “Usual Suspects” for Christmas...I definitely have a problem!

Wine is the Crucial Piece to the Thanksgiving Puzzle (It is more important than turkey)

Last year I hosted Thanksgiving for the first time. I enjoy cooking and didn’t think it was a big deal when I volunteered, but my anxiety grew as the days loomed closer to The Thursday. I cleaned the house frantically, even though it would soon be destroyed by a happy pack of children. I made place cards, 5 different styles of deviled eggs, and a cornucopia centerpiece that would make Martha Stewart give me a fist bump of approval. The turkey was not dry, the side dishes were delicious, and there was enough pie and cake to hold a church fundraiser.


Appreciate You

If you've been to any of our 10 locations throughout Southern Illinois, you've seen the quote “Appreciate You” over the door along with a picture of Ron Kruep. My dad, Ron, owned and operated our locations for well over 30 years. When he picked up the phone his greeting was “Ron Kruep” and rather than a goodbye he would end the conversation with “Appreciate you”.

Ron passed away August 1o, 2012, right around the time we changed our shop names from One Stop to RollnUp. This wasn’t just a name change; it was a complete re-imaging.


Go Outside and Play, Dammit!

My best friend Bria and I began a Tuesday evening ritual. We have a standing tee time at our local golf course. We arrive around 5:30pm, load up a twelve pack of Miller 64, and play 18 holes. Now Bria and I are not terrible, but we are definitely not going to join the pro circuit anytime soon. It gives us a chance to gossip and drink while still being somewhat active. Yes, I take a cart, and I know walking is healthier, but I am no marathon runner, and if I am walking where the hell am I going to put the beer cooler?


Hey Guys! Hey!

BBQ, Boats & Bug Spray

I read a study that said that people thought food tasted better when it was eaten outdoors. I agree, and add that cocktails and beers also taste better al fresco. The study concluded that although people felt more relaxed and enjoyed a meal in an outdoor environment, it was the dinnerware that played the strongest role in the meals positive results. When most eat outside they dine off paper plates which eases your brain to enjoy the food because there is no clean-up involved.


Neck Ties

Your Dad Hates Ties

A Father’s Day Suggestion…


Smokes on a Plane


Have you ever been at function and wanted to smoke a cigarette? When you get up from your seat you realize, out of the hundred plus people in the room, you are the only person who is smoking. Now you feel shame as you step outside. You feel nervous as you sway back and forth, praying no one catches you in the act.



Extolling the virtues of... or perhaps not

A casual stroll around the many bottles of vodka here reveals a disturbing trend, which frankly I do not understand. What is the point of all of these different flavors? I could make a case for the flavors and blends in other liquors. Bourbons, rums, and the like already have a flavor. Infusing fruit or spice to these liquors adds a layer of complexity and complements or enhances the natural character. Black cherry bourbon, cinnamon whisky, fruit and spiced rums all mix well and stand alone. I would not be surprised to someday see Cuervo Lime, or dare I dream, Patron Chipotle.


Minty Julep

An Infield Derby Shindig

Significant sporting events are used as a reason for friends to gather, and the Kentucky Derby is no exception. I am not a Super Bowl party kind of gal and although I do love hot wings and beer it annoys me that I can’t fully enjoy the party since it lands on a Sunday. I really don’t get very excited about any monumental sporting events except for the Kentucky Derby. My husband and I have had the extreme privilege to attend the derby for the last six years. Our dear close friend John lives in Louisville and has graciously included us in what has become a yearly tradition.