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  • Good Times Gaming - Loose Slots, Cold Beer or Wine
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Light it up or bite down. We've got everything for your oral fixation, from cigs and chew to rolling papers, pipes and cigars.



Fill up your cup. We always stock cold beer, big liquors and wise wines for your dime.


Be Happy

Inhale, exhale and drink up. It's easy to find your center with a little help from your friends (that's us). We're on your side.


Prices are Good

Aug 1 - Sep 2



Aug 1 - Sep 2

naturdays can


12pk cans

keystone ice can

Keystone Ice

15pk cans

2 for $13.97
keystone light can

Keystone Light

15pk cans

2 for $13.97
miller high life bottle

Miller High Life

12pk bottles

miller high life can

Miller High Life

12pk cans

 michelob ultra bottles

Michelob Ultra

18pk bottles

michelob ultra can

Michelob Ultra

18pk cans

bud light can

Bud Family

24pk cans

white claw can

White Claw

variety 12pk cans

barefoot wine bottle

Barefoot Wines

750ml (excludes Bubbly)

apothic wine bottle

Apothic Wines

750ml (excludes Inferno)

pheasant hollow wine bottle

Pheasant Hollow Wine

750ml (Black & Blue, Red & Blue, Orange & Blue)

southern comfort bottle

Southern Comfort

750ml / 70 proof

platinum vodka bottle

Platinum Vodka


camarena tequila bottle

Familia Camarena Tequila

750ml (Silver or Repasado)

captain morgan bottle

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum


captain morgan bottle

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum


lady bligh rum bottle

Lady Bligh Spiced Rum


salvador's margaritas bottle

Salvador's Margaritas


jim beam peach bourbon bottle

Jim Beam Peach Bourbon


dark horse wine can

Dark Horse Wine

375ml cans



Your neighborhood work-free smokeplace

We are Ron.

Ron is a boy from a working-class family out of Beckemeyer, Ill. He paid his way to college building silos and bagging groceries as a high schooler (even though his guidance counselor told him he would never make it). After graduating from SEMO, Ron enlisted in the Marines. He worked his ass off again when he joined corporate world, though he decided to trade in his suit and tie for a pair of coveralls and buy a gas station on I-57. That was 1977, and that single gas station turned into 15 because Ron's philosophy was “friendly, fast, and clean.” Even though Ron worked harder than hard and hired the good ones, some of those gas stations didn’t sell so much gas. So Ron, Mitch, and Joe had a meeting. They decided that smoke shops should replace the stations that weren't pumping fuel.

One Stop Smoke Shop & Liquor was born, and Ron's philosophy made headway in the smokes and liquor business.

We did a good job—so much so that other folks began using our name! The lawyers said the One Stop name couldn’t be trademarked, and that's when I decided to take a chance at a change with the name RollnUp Smoke Shop & Liquor. Why RollnUp? You can roll up to one place to get your super cold beer, your loyal liquors, your favorite chew, your roll-your-owns.…ok you get it.

RollnUp is Ron: hardworking, down-to-earth, funny, smart, and friendly. Just like Ron, we take pride in our country, community, and our RollnUp family. Ron passed away on August 10, 2012, but you can see him over our shop doors, and we share his sentiment when he says “Appreciate You.”

— Holly Kruep, Ron's daughter, President / CEO of RollnUp


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